The Collection: Favorites

A young gentleman with his hair combed back sporting a
Photo by Baker
A young woman in a knee length dress. Her head is canted to the side and she has a whimsical expression. She appears to be dancing or showing off her dress. A floral wreath surrounds her neckline.
Photo by LeMay
A young woman in a dress highly accented with lace. Her face is round and full. Her hair is tight to her head and pulled back. You can see some longer hair over her left shoulder. She could be dressed in some sort of ethnic wear.
Photo by Lochman
A profile of a young woman in an elaborate white dress with puffy sleeves, frills, and pleats. Her hair is curly in front and  pulled back into a large dark bow.
Photo by Miller
Two attractive young women. One fully seated and the other leaning into the armrest of this chair. One woman is looking at the other affectionately. Both women are wearing formal dresses.
Photo by McKecknie & Oswald
A profile of an attractive young woman looking over her left shoulder. She has a drop earring with a bright stone hanging from her right earlobe. Her dress is white and layered. The lighting is dramatic.
Photo by Rohner
A beautiful young woman with her hair in a topknot and pulled back. She is wearing a dark dress and perhaps an overcoat or cloak. Her outfit is embellished with four large white roses and leaves.
Photo by Adams
An attractive young woman in a high collared smock or dress. She is wearing a choker style necklace on the outside of the collar with a metal clasp at her throat. She is also wearing a broach on her left side.
Photo by Shomber

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Two small children in matching dresses. One is standing in a chair, the other beside. The younger of the two appears to be a boy, the other a girl.…
Photo by Paeszler
A toddler in a lacy dress or over shirt. She has short curly hair and unevenly trimmed bangs. She appears to be sitting.
Photo by Urlin & Pfeifer
An older woman with her wavy hair pinned to her head and pulled back. She is wearing a dark dressed adorned with elaborate piping on either side of…
Photo by Fuller