A young gentleman with his hair combed back sporting a

Card Info

Catalog Number: 2018.033.018
Photographer: Baker
Location: Columbus, OH
Paper Process: Matte Collodion
Condition: Good
Edge Style: Beveled, Gilded
Borders: None
Card Colors: Coated Front and Back
Photo Date: 1890-1898
Back Imprint: Covers Entire Back
Value: $4-$8
Card Description:

Dealer initials and “$3—” written on back of card. Some surface wear to gloss on front of card. Image not affected.

Subject Info

Number of Subjects: 1
Age: 222-28
Gender: Male

A young gentleman with his hair combed back sporting a “gunslinger” mustache. His hair is neatly trimmed and he is well groomed. He is wearing a tie and jacket and has a patterned tie on. This is a partial profile bust shot.

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