The Collection: Facial Hair

A dapper young man in a textured lined suit jacket and tie with some sort of pin through it. His hair is parted on the left and fairly short. He is looking slightly off camera. He has a mustache.
Photo by Farrington
A young gentleman with his hair combed back sporting a
Photo by Baker
An older gentleman with white facial hair. The image has either faded or has exposure issues, so is difficult to tell if he is bald or just has shorter white hair. He is wearing a simple overcoat with a lighter shirt peaking out.
Photo by Saylor
A man in a full dark suit leaning against a prop of a garden wall. He has on a light colored dress shirt and dark shoes with a shine to them. His mustache is large and impressive and well groomed.
Photo by Lathrop
An older bearded gentleman wearing a suit coat and undershirt. He is wearing a dark tie of some sort. He has a watch chain or some other functional appealing jewelry. His beard and hair are starting to gray.
Photo by Lochman
An older bearded gentleman wearing a suit coat and undershirt. He does not appear to be wearing a tie, but this could be obscured by his beard.
Photo by Scheetz
A dapper gentleman in a bowtie and a dark suit. His undershirt is light colored and his color is upturned. His hair is well groomed and short in a buzzcut style. He has a mustache that is turned up at the ends.
Photo by Wenzel
Presumably a family portrait. There are six subjects; three standing, three seated. There are four males and two females. Three adults are male, one female. All are wearing formal clothes.
Photo by May
An older gentleman with impressive facial hair. He has gone mostly gray except for his mustache. He is wearing a dark suit and has a visible watch chain. He is seated.
Photo by Bowder
A bald older gentleman with log sideburns. He is wearing a suit coat with a matching undervest. He wears a tie and has a round collar that could possibly denote clergy.
Photo by Harlow

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