The Collection: Children

A girl with curls and flowing hair in a long sleeved white dress with a round collar and a clasp at her throat. The dress falls below the knees and has a scalloped edge. She is wearing dark leggings. She has a corsage on her chest.
Photo by Schartel
Two small children in matching dresses. One is standing in a chair, the other beside. The younger of the two appears to be a boy, the other a girl. Both dresses are embroidered and have decorative stitching.
Photo by Paeszler
A wavy haired teenage young woman in a dark dress with a patterned over coat. She has a rounded collar with a with a piece of jewelry as a clasp at her neck. Her hair is down and thrown back.
Photo by Ritter
A young girl in a white robe or smock. Could be a sleeping shirt or more likely a dress. Her hair is long with some curl to it. Her bangs are neatly trimmed and even. Most her hair falls down her back, but one curled strand sits on her shoulder.
Photo by Ritter
Two young boys sitting on a stone railing in front of a painted background in a studio shot. Both are holding stew hats with ribbons around the brim. One child is older than the other by a year or two.
Photo by Winters Bros.
A dour young girl in an obvious studio shot standing on stairs in an artificial garden environment in front of a painted background. he is wearing dark shoes and leggings or dark boots. Her hair is long and down.
Photo by Bell
A young girl in a full sleeved full length dress. She has sausage curls and shoulder length hair. Her bangs are straight and evenly trimmed. She is seated on a prop rock in a studio shot in front of a painted background.
Photo by Roth
Two young children. One in breaches, one in a dress. Both wear ruffled collars. It is possible that the younger child is a boy.
Photo by Graver
Presumably a family portrait. There are six subjects; three standing, three seated. There are four males and two females. Three adults are male, one female. All are wearing formal clothes.
Photo by May
A family of five with a man, woman, and three children. All are dressed up wearing formal clothes. The adults are seated.
Photo by Baker
A small family: husband, wife, and son (presumably). The man is in a suit, the woman in a full length dress, and the boy still in a dress (not yet in breaches).
Photo by Paeszler
A trompe l'oeil image of two young children; one boy, one girl. Both are wearing white and have necklaces.
Photo by Nicoulin
A young girl in an all white dress and black boots. She has long hair that is curly on the ends, but otherwise hangs straight down. She is seated in a whicker chair in a studio in front of a painted backdrop.
Photo by Paeszler
Two young women. One in partial profile. One looking ahead. Both are wearing similar full length dresses. Their hair is either short or pulled back. They stand at a gate in front of a painted background.
Photo by Mitchell
A young woman with curly hair that is either short or pulled back. She has on a patterned dress and her ears appear to be unpierced. She has a choicer chain around her throat and a locket around her neck.
Photo by Snook
A young woman in profile with her hair pulled back in a large bun. She is wearing a white or off-white dress with Italian sleeves and a pleated front. There is delicate white  lace trimming at the collar.
Photo by Monfort and Hill
A young girl dress in a white first confession dress. These outfits have a similar appearance to wedding dresses. She is clutching a small prayer book or Bible.
Photo by Boumey
Two young tow headed children, both wearing dresses. Most likely two boys, but the infant could be either.
Photo by Halbach

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Two small children in matching dresses. One is standing in a chair, the other beside. The younger of the two appears to be a boy, the other a girl.…
Photo by Paeszler
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