Two young tow headed children, both wearing dresses. Most likely two boys, but the infant could be either.

Card Info

Catalog Number: 2018.047.001
Photographer: Halbach
Location: Sheboygan, WS
Photographer Imprints: Centered Monogram
Paper Process: Albumen (Sepia)
Condition: Good
Edge Style: Straight Cut, Scalloped (uneven), Gilded
Borders: None
Card Colors: Natural: Front and Back
Photo Date: 1886-1894
Back Imprint: Covers Entire Back
Value: $2-$4
Card Description:

“V- $1” written faintly on the back in pencil. Some residual tissue paper and adhesive on the back top of the card. Most likely there to preserve the finish on the photo. Card is in great share.

Subject Info

Number of Subjects: 2
Age: 1 year and 4 years give or take.
Gender: Unknown and a male

This is perhaps a “hidden mother” photo. It appears as though there is a figure under all the drapery. Most likely to keep the baby still and content during the photo shoot. IN the photo are two young tow headed children, both wearing dresses. Most likely this image is of two boys, but the infant could be a girl. This is a studio shot against a painted background.

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