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A young woman in a dark dress or top. The front has an intricate cloth lattice in a triangular pattern. He has a corsage and a clasp at the front of her collar. She is wearing glasses and has short curly hair or it is pulled back.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.005
Photographer: Fuller
Location: Rutland, VT

A bald older gentleman with log sideburns. He is wearing a suit coat with a matching undervest. He wears a tie and has a round collar that could possibly denote clergy.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.007
Photographer: Harlow
Location: Montpelier, VT

This woman is wearing a heart shaped locket on a chocker chain. Her hair is pulled back and pinned to her head. She is in a dark dress with a knitted scarf or collar.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.031
Photographer: Moore
Location: Toledo, IA

A profile of a young woman in an elaborate white dress with puffy sleeves, frills, and pleats. Her hair is curly in front and  pulled back into a large dark bow.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.001
Photographer: Miller
Location: Rutland, VT

Two attractive young women. One fully seated and the other leaning into the armrest of this chair. One woman is looking at the other affectionately. Both women are wearing formal dresses.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.051
Photographer: McKecknie & Oswald
Location: Toledo, OH

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A woman with dark curly hair parted down the middle. She is wearing a pendant style earring. She is wearing a dress with a light colored scalloped collar. She has a clasp at her throat. She has a scarf or decorative cloth going down the front of her dress.

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