I will post occasional updates here that don’t exactly fit the format of the rest of the site. I may highlight a particular cabinet card or CDV or write about the drive to collect. We’ll see. These posts will be more personally driven and not as focused on presenting factual information only.

My name is Christopher L. Jorgensen and I collect cabinet cards. By default this means I also collect CDVs. I seldom set out to buy a CDV, but they are often included in photos sold as a lot. Or, sometimes, the subject of a cabinet card will also be the subject of a CDV, so if I can find a way to become vested in the subject matter I will pick one up. The majority of my collection, and my collecting, is focused on cabinet cards.

I hope you find this site of interest, but it’s more of a project for myself than anything else. What good is having a collection of anything if you can’t enjoy it? What good is having a collection you only peruse once in a great while? For some the owning may be enough, but for me I want to be able to revisit these images whenever I feel like it. Some Dark Place is an evolving project. It is part historical record, part cataloging of a personal collection, and partly an attempt to get my hobby under control.

Posted by Christopher L. Jorgensen on February 23 2019.

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