Change Log

This site was created by Christopher L. Jorgensen as a method to catalog his personal collection of cabinet cards and CDVs.

Some Dark Place Launched December 31, 2018

Change Log
Version 0.2
Version 0.1

Done Prior to Launch

Version 0.0
  1. Create Main page with two columns
  2. Link to back of photos!
  3. Style UL in 2 column
  4. Post dividers
  5. Sort pics from large batch
  6. Widths of pages for phone
  7. Pagination colors and padding
  8. Tables (adjust colors, make properly responsive)
  9. Make templates consistent. Us either - or _ but not both.
  10. Watermark
  11. Blog template
    • Link to actual blog
  12. Fade on Fannie Banner
  13. Optimize and cache tags (on going)
  14. Force all www trafic to domain in .htaccess
  15. Check ALL headers titles even on category and such. If = index or none = home
  16. Remove Unneeded templates
  17. Fonts
  18. List 28 photos
    • post examples for each category
    • change entry dates
  19. Make template for backs.

Things I Plan To Do:

  1. Fix CSS (including clean up and color pallet, tables links)
    • Pick a consistent media width for everything including footer
  2. Correct hr tag CSS
  3. Sortable table for inventory
  4. Add currency to dollar variables
  5. Background image on header menu (add texture)
  6. Make Page of just Thumbnails
  7. Implement SCSS/SASS
  8. Atom feed?
  9. Timeline
    • Timeline channel
  10. Apple Maps
  11. Favicon
  12. 404 page and no results forwarding (do if no results tags). May already be best it can be?
  13. Photo stream

Things I Would Like To Do:

  1. Set up local dev server
    • Install dev tools
    • install node.js
    • install SASS
    • install Foundation
    • MySQL
    • ExpressionEngine
    • PHP
    • Retrobatch
    • Transmit
    • Bbedit

Things That Can Wait:

  1. Add either detailed view or picture zoom.
  2. Contact form?
  3. Patreon
  4. Search
  5. Apple photo stream

Things that I will probably never do:

  1. ?
  2. Patreon
  3. Sponsorships/ads
  4. PROFIT!

Posted by Christopher L. Jorgensen on December 03 2023.

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