St. Jacob’s Oil

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St. Jacob’s Oil

Seek you a cure,
easy and sure
For aching sprains
or hurts or pains,
Of every sort,
in any part.
Be of good cheer,
the secret’s here:
And if you heed
what here you read,
Your pains you’ll end,
your ailments foil;
For you will send
for “St. Jacob’s Oil.”

St. Jacobs Oil Cures all the Aches and Pains of Man & Beast.

St. Jacobs oil was a nostrum of little efficacy. It was patent-medicine sold as a cure-all for pain. An examination of the ingredients show that most likely it acted as an early form of Icy Hot or Ben Gay as a topical meant for joint or muscle pain.

These sorts of medicines were popular until the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1907.

Cite: Center For Inquiry

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