Not everyone can be saved;
   some fail and fall,
   and fall,
   and never rise.
The cries of the damned
   are indistinguishable
   from those of the holy.
A black soul is a soul...
   screaming into a void
   of nothingness.
Pain is better tolerated than
   misery; loneliness only a gift,
   and love,

Montgomery Stevens
Montgomery Stevens

Not everyone can be saved;
   the unshriven die.
Not everyone can be saved;
   no grace for the wicked,
   penitence unspoken.
Not everyone can be saved!
Good into evil, evil from good,
   and blood always tells.
There are no secrets from the
   or words to illuminate...


Some rise, and climb, and find
   the way;
   they breathe and believe
   and love.
Some hold to compassion and
   speak truth,
   the breath of passion
   on the lips,
   a whisper,
   a touch,
   a kiss,
   as fire burns with purity.

Some feel and know beauty.
Poetry in motion, music in emotion,
   love through time.
Some strive to survive,
   to live,
   to thrive;
salvation offered to all!

There is silence, and
   sometimes one can be saved!

Montgomery Stevens 1886

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