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Some Dark Place: A Novella of Horror

The above image is the second proof-of-concept cover I made. I do not pretend to be a designer. Just like I don’t pretend to be a writer, or a web guy, historian, or preservationist. I am a hack with a myriad of interests. I mostly just fake it. I do the things I want to see and read, since no one else is doing them, and I sometimes hope others come along for the ride. Mostly i don’t much care, since I don’t make my living doing any of these activities. I’m not trying to keep the lights on or my kids’ bellies full. I just like having fun.

I’m a big fan of the movie Rebecca. This photo gave me the same vibe as I get when I watch old black and white movies in general, and b&w Hitchcock movies in particular. I liked the way this image looks like it could be covered in blood or lipstick or even consumed by flames.

I plan to make more of these covers, but honestly, I am enjoying the writing and the site designing more right now. I am sure I’ll be sharing more in the future.


You can see my first cover here: First Cover.

You can see my third cover here: Third Cover.

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