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Two young women. One somewhat older that the other. Both are in partial profile. Both are wearing formal clothes with one in an overcoat and the other in a dress. Both have broaches at their necks.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.020
Photographer: Dawson
Location: Albia, IA

Headshot of a young woman with dark curls and her hair pulled back. She is wearing a darker colored dress, but only the neck and shoulders are in the photo.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.009
Photographer: Martin
Location: Boone, IA

A young woman with dark hair pulled back and curls in the front. She is wearing a dress with large buttons. The dress has a high collar and an integrate broach at her throat.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.010
Photographer: Haugh
Location: Albia, IA

A curly hair young woman. A dark ribbon is at her throat as a choker and she has a metallic pin at her collar.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.006
Photographer: Shomber
Location: State Center, IA

A woman wearing a full dress with lace cuffs and collar. Her hands are folded at her waist. Her hair dark and pulled back. It is curly in the front and appears to be parted in the middle.

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Catalog Number: 2018.013.005
Photographer: Goodenough
Location: Farmington, Iowa

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