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A family of five with a man, woman, and three children. All are dressed up wearing formal clothes. The adults are seated.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.028
Photographer: Baker
Location: Richwood, OH

A small family: husband, wife, and son (presumably). The man is in a suit, the woman in a full length dress, and the boy still in a dress (not yet in breaches).

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.069
Photographer: Paeszler
Location: Ada, OH

A well groomed young man with a light buttoned up suit coat and a striped tie. He is wearing a white shirt with a collar. His hair is parted on the left and is neatly trimmed. He sports a longer mustache.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.006
Photographer: Emery
Location: Rutland, VT

A young woman in a dark dress or top. The front has an intricate cloth lattice in a triangular pattern. He has a corsage and a clasp at the front of her collar. She is wearing glasses and has short curly hair or it is pulled back.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.005
Photographer: Fuller
Location: Rutland, VT

A bald older gentleman with log sideburns. He is wearing a suit coat with a matching undervest. He wears a tie and has a round collar that could possibly denote clergy.

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Catalog Number: 2018.044.007
Photographer: Harlow
Location: Montpelier, VT

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