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An older bearded gentleman wearing a suit coat and undershirt. He does not appear to be wearing a tie, but this could be obscured by his beard.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.028
Photographer: Scheetz
Location: Philadelphia, PA

A young man in a suit with a lighter undershirt. The shirt has a round collar and if he's wearing a tie it blends in too well. Only the top button of his suit is buttoned. His hair is neatly trimmed and is parted down the center.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.027
Photographer: Greber
Location: New Bremen, OH

A dapper gentleman in a bowtie and a dark suit. His undershirt is light colored and his color is upturned. His hair is well groomed and short in a buzzcut style. He has a mustache that is turned up at the ends.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.025
Photographer: Wenzel
Location: Plain City, OH

A curly haired young woman with her hair pulled up into a topknot. It appears there is a bow in her hair or some other ornament. She has round cheeks and her ears are pierced.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.024
Photographer: Urlin & Pfifer
Location: Columbus, OH

Two young children. One in breaches, one in a dress. Both wear ruffled collars. It is possible that the younger child is a boy.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.015
Photographer: Graver
Location: Allentown, PA

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