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A young boy seated in an elaborate chair or bench without a back. He is dressed in formal attire, wearing a suit coat and tie. His hair is short, trimmed, and neatly combed. His ears stick out.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.049
Photographer: Miller
Location: Greenville, PA

A woman wearing a dress and standing beside a prop pedestal with a floral arraignment on it. The dress has a bustle and a lot of buttons down the front. She has what appears to be a watch chain and a small pocket with presumably a watch in it.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.071
Photographer: Harrisburg, PA
Location: Lemer

A woman with curly hair piled on top of her head. There is some sort of hair comb visible. She is wearing spectacles that have no brows. They rest solely on her nose. Her collar is layered and elaborate.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.073
Photographer: Thomas
Location: Shamokin, PA

A short haired young woman with dark straight hair parted on the left. She is wearing a dress and does not have pierced ears. She wears a ribbon around her throat like a choker.

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Catalog Number: 2018.036.063
Photographer: Criley & Wagner
Location: Butler, PA

A young man in a suit leaning between prop pedestals in a studio environment. He is standing in front of an abstract painted background. His hair is short and well groomed and parted on the right. He is holding rumpled hat with a brim in his left hand.

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Catalog Number: 2018.033.036
Photographer: Winters Bros.
Location: Kenton, OH

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